Thursday, March 17, 2016

Announcing Team Green On St. Patrick's Day + Updates!

Well hello hello!  It has been a little while since I last made any type of post...but I can explain!  At the beginning of the year, I was at my sickest point...ever...

Baby bump drink
sponsored by: Hey Mama Teas 

...why? Because we are expecting our first little baby in July!  We are soooo excited to welcome this blessing, and while it was really rough at first, I am feeling much better now and ready to take on more projects!  We get asked all the time what we are having and we decided long ago that we would find out on his/her birthday.  #TeamGreen  

Pillowfort by Target
So since I have last spoken with all of you, I have started back at the gym (slowly due to my doctor's orders), had a fence installed, started the decoration madness of a nursery, spent more money than planned at Target (have you all seen the Oh Joy and Pillowfort lines for kids and home decor?), went on a few quick trips with my hunny bunny, and most recently, had a successful girls trip to New Orleans!  As soon as I started to feel better, I was ready to jump on a flight and get the heck out of town!  

Above: New Orleans Trip (Beignets,
Gumbo, Snow Ball, Praline Bacon)
Soon, I will have some updated posts for you regarding the house.  We haven't completed a ton of projects (or even started most), but I can show you the nursery updates, which was our last empty room to decorate.  Until now, it was used to store all my purchases from Target, West Elm, Amazon, etc. until I figured out exactly what I wanted to do with them.  No more storage room for me and I officially told my hunny we should have built a home with four bedrooms...the nerve of me huh?  

So that is my the heck are all of YOU?  I have been checking for updates and glad to see some of you are still around...but we are missing a few!  I hope you all can share some updates soon.  With the weather (hopefully) turning into more permanent Spring-like temps, I am sure more posts will be popping up soon. 

Until next time, take care!!