Friday, September 4, 2015

Flow Wall Review + Pictures

Recently, I gave a brief update on our garage after taking a short break to focus on the laundry room shelving situation (more on that to come soon).  To keep the posts from being too long, I thought I would circle back to give a more detailed review of the Flow Wall System.

The Company
As I stated in my last post, they were absolutely wonderful to work with.  All products were ordered online and shipped within the given timeframe.  I do not remember how many total boxes we received, but there was one in particular that was delivered partially open.  I believe this was a courier issue vs a Flow Wall issue.  However, I contacted them because the shelves that were in this box were damaged.  Flow Wall replaced them without question and shipped the order express.  This was very unexpected, and caused me to become an instant fan of their customer service.

The Products
I am sure you want to know the details about the product right?  Some of the common questions asked included: Does it hold weighted items well?  How easy was Flow Wall to install?  Have you had any issues after install?  Is Flow Wall expensive?  What do you like most about Flow Wall?  Let's answer these questions one at a time!
  • Does it hold weighted items well?  The quick answer is YES!  We installed the system as instructed using the nails supplied with the panels.  No other tools were purchased to install the panels or to help hold any weight.  I have included some pictures below to show you my 'craft area' which include bins loaded with all types of crafty items.  Shelves are still in place and did not warp.  
  • How easy was Flow Wall to install?  We found this system to be super easy to install!  We did put the first few panels on upside down, but this was user error.  We simply removed the panels and installed them correctly without any problems.  This mistake resulted in extra holes on our panels but we are OK with that.  It's not really noticeable, but it is surely there.  We completed the entire install in one day total.  It could have been quicker, but deciding where to put the panels was a chore within itself.  We knew we did not have enough panels, so we wanted to ensure we left spacing for additional panels and bike holders in the future.  I should also mention when we put up the shelves, we used a rubber mallet to adjust a few of the brackets that fit into the panels.  I am unsure why this step was needed as all other pieces snapped into place easily.  The shelves were stubborn and just did not want to go into the panels.  Using a rubber mallet did not damage the shelves at all.  A few good taps and we were back in business.   
  • Have you had any issues after install?  We have had zero problems or issues with the Flow Wall System since install.  The hooks and shelves are in until we decide to remove/relocate them.  I tested the shelves by pulling and yanking and they are good to go (please don't do this to your precious shelves...just take my word). 
  • Is Flow Wall expensive?  We honestly thought the pricing was really good and fair.  When we priced different systems, Flow Wall was the better choice for us because they offer many different hooks and bins that could totally transform your system.  By this I mean as you add more to your area (the garage in our case), you could add a cabinet, different shelving, larger bins, etc., to make the same panels work for your new additions.  This is one thing that drove our decision.  A lot of storage solutions are-what-they-are after you install them, leaving little to no room for growth.  For us, we are always changing by addition or subtraction and we did not want to install a new system later on.  
  • What do you like most about Flow Wall?  I love everything, but if I had to pick my favorites, it would be all the different hooks and additions.  The paper towel holder is great for the garage space.  It holds a roll of paper towels with a spare up top.  It was super easy to put together and functional.  The hooks are awesome at holding everything and they come in various sizes to satisfy your every need.  The larger hooks for ladders and yard tools actually hold the items without the worry of dropping the items.  I thought the drill holder was not only functional, but it allows the drill to have its own 'home'.  We will most likely add more drill holders for the rest of the drills, because it makes the wall look nice and organized.  Lastly, I love that I can continue to add new pieces if the need should arise.  I am not forced into one solution. If we decide we want to 'hide' items out of view, we could just get a cabinet or two and BOOM.  Done!  I should also mention that you can get Flow Wall from other retailers such as Home Depot or my personal favorite, Amazon.      
Overall, we could not be more happy to be Flow Wall customers.  Recently, my husband installed a Flow Wall System with cabinets for my mother-in-law.  The cabinets looked great and she loved the solution.  If you are a bargain shopper like me, Flow Wall is good at having promotions on full systems or separate pieces such as panels or bins.  We will finish the garage during the next panel sale, because you really can't beat the sales and promotions they offer.  Other items we will purchase include more panels, bins and bike hooks.  

I think I change the layout once a month, but here are the most current pictures from our garage.  As always, let me know if you have other questions.  I am happy to answer them all!       

Above: Craft storage area with loaded bins

Above: Home 'tools' hung closer to the door for easy access

Above: Tools for the Mr. and a couple of empty hooks and a shelf. One hook is for the ladder but I am currently using it for another project. 

Above: Mostly outdoor tools and yard 'stuff'

Above: Paper towel holder (love this)

Above: Paper towel holder

Above: Drill holder w/ drill

Above: Drill holder without drill

Above: Flow Wall shelf

Above: Small bin used for smaller paints

Above: Bin that holds knee pads, towels and tool belt (I like to dress the part sometimes) :-)

I received the paper towel and drill holder from Flow Wall in exchange for my unbiased review.  All comments are my own.



  1. This looks so good! I have not seen nor heard of Flow Wall before.. i will definitely be looking into it! :)

    1. Thank you Michelle! Yes, check them out and see if it may work for you!