Sunday, September 27, 2015

Guest Post: Spice Up Your Kitchen Organization

It thrills me to bring you this guest post by Ty Schmidt with, to offer some fabulous and cost-effective ways to organize your kitchen space!  I love to use space wisely, making sure to keep it functional but not too crowded.  Check out these great options to keep your space functional and organized at the same time! 

Everyone has their own reasons for not wanting to cook. Maybe it was a long day at work and you just don’t feel like it. Or you think there’s nothing to make (in spite of the fully stocked fridge and pantry). Or, maybe you just spent $200 at the grocery store and you would rather grab take out than put any more effort into food-related things that day. Regardless of the reasons, there is one thing that can help: an organized kitchen can help make the task of tackling that recipe a little less challenging.
Here are a few tips to organize your kitchen in creative yet practical ways:

Recycle. There are ways to reuse what some may think of as garbage that can make your kitchen feel much less cluttered. Save storage space in cabinets, a pantry or a Lazy Susan by turning a used cardboard soda container into a storage vessel for soup cans.

Get tense. Tension rods are not just for bathroom showers. They can make amazing organizational tools in the kitchen in a variety of ways. Use them horizontally under the sink to create a space to hang spray bottles or towels or use them vertically in a cabinet to make a better home for cookie sheets and pizza stones.
Via A Thousand Words

Get a butler for your fridge. For easy access to everyday condiments, keep your fridge free of clutter by utilizing a storage option that spins.

Via Fridge Butler LLC

Reuse. There is no need to grapple with “that place” in the kitchen were the plastic bags from the grocery store accumulate into something resembling a smashed multi-colored snowman. If you use plastic bags and store-bought cleaning wipes, you’re in luck. Re-purpose old cleaning wipe containers into an attractive space-saving masterpiece that harnesses all the power of those plastic bags into a convenient, tidy and portable bag disposal unit.

Via Tater Tots and Jello

Get handy. Those pesky lids of pots and pans do nothing but take up high-quality cabinet real estate. A simple hammer and nails can transform your pot and pan storage area into a much more user-friendly space.
Via The Country Chic Cottage

Make the pantry pretty. An inexpensive trip to the dollar store is all it takes to transform a cluttered pantry into a symphony of organization and style. Investing in a variety of air-tight containers appropriate for a variety of common items stored in pantries, and taking the time to label them, can pay dividends when the time comes to get cooking.

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  1. Hey Eboni, I have a question for you but need to email you. How do I do that I cant seem to figure it out? LOL

    1. I have been looking for you! LOL I posted on your blog not too long ago! You can send me an email at:
      buildingournvhome (at) gmail (dot) com

  2. I seriously can benefit from the not "putting the bags under the sink" and instead into the wipes container. Genius!

    1. LOL! That is such a great idea. I have implemented this in our garage when you need a handy plastic bag to get rid of trash items from a DIY project, out the car, etc.

  3. I seriously, SERIOUSLY needed this post right now! I'm sure you don't have this problem with your Carnegie, but we have a serious storage problem with our Astor--since we have living spaces on both sides of the kitchen, we have absolutely no pantry or closet for cleaning supplies or big kitchen items like stock pots, paper towels, etc. We're actually working on remedying that with the closet company we hired, but geesh. All of those cabinets and I'm still hand wringing about how to use the space!
    I'm going to definitely take advantage of the pots lid trick, and since I make 98% of my food from scratch, the pretty pantry has given me resolve to visit a Container Store and actually get my life organized. Thanks so much for this!

    1. You are most welcome! I personally could use more storage space as well. Mainly for cleaning supplies as I have them in bins in the laundry room. I am so excited about your closet system and can't wait to see it!!!