Hi, I'm Eboni and thank you for joining us as we build our first NVHome.  I am the wife to the most amazing guy and we have one awesome yorkie, Diesel.  I decided to start this blog to document our journey as we built our Andrew Carnegie with NVHomes.  My mission is to hopefully help others going through a similar process.       
What made us decide to build a home?
We never set a time-frame for buying a home, it just happened one day.  We looked at single family homes, townhomes and condos from many different builders (Toll Brothers, RyanHomes, NVHomes, Ryland, etc.).  Some we loved and others were not exactly what we were looking for at the time.      

Through all the brochures and walk-throughs, we found the place that best suited our needs.  We wanted a place that was spacious, not much yard work and big enough for future family additions.  We found the NVHomes community and was floored by everything that was included, the space it offered and the price tag.  We decided to interview some brokers to help us through the process and after a few great candidates, we picked our guy!  He is super awesome and was hands-on from the beginning.  He showed us many existing homes so that we have a variety of options.  After all, this is a huge investment right?  After visiting many homes, we realized we could customize a home for about the same price as buying an existing one.  The Andrew Carnegie from NVHomes won us over.

Why did you hire a broker if you are building new construction?
When buying a home, think of a broker as another layer of protection and another person who will look out for your best interests.  Developers are all about doing what's best for them right?  So when you are talking to the very nice and accommodating Sales Representative, understand that he/she is working for the interest of the developer, not you, the buyer.  There are so many forms with legal jargon that you may not fully understand.  Whether you understand it or not, they need your signature on the dotted line.  Having a professional help you make decisions based on the fine print is much needed.  When you start to have conversations about incentives, having a broker plays a huge part in getting 'extras'.  It also helps to have someone not emotionally attached to the purchase to see through all the excitement.  

Please continue to visit the blog as everything leading up to our move-in day is documented!  I plan to document my DIYs and decor as well once all the boxes are unpacked.

I try to make sure to include any contact or website information in my posts.  However, if you have any questions or would like to reach me, please feel free to contact me.

Thank you so much for following our journey

Happy Building!

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