Tuesday, January 20, 2015

30 Day Walk || New Home Again

Well hello again!  It has been a little while, but I promise I have been keeping up with you guys!  
We have been so busy getting things squared away, making purchases and preparing our home for the 30-day walk.  

I will have to import some pictures later, but when I say my husband had blue tape everywhere...he really did!  We spent days looking at rooms at different times of the day because seriously, certain things can only be seen under particular lighting.  No worries because we started this the day we moved in.  HAHAHA.  I know it's not the best look, but make sure you put tape on things as you see them, otherwise you risk forgetting what you saw. 

While we did purchase paint for all the bedrooms, we only painted one bedroom and my accent walls in the living room.  Majority of the blue tape was placed on cracks in the ceiling areas, some nail pops, a few scratches on the kitchen floor from when they moved the refrigerator, and the fireplace that seemed like it was not fully flushed on the wall.  So nothing major and nothing in our one painted ro0m, but my husband must have found every crack in the rest of the house.  I guess that is the time to do it because not only do you want the home to look great, your PM wants a great review on the survey.  

I must say to this day, our PM is the most responsive PM ever!  He always responds, very very professional, easy to talk to and explain details very well, and he has not let us down.  We can not wait to submit our survey for this guy.  NV Homes has been great to us through this experience and I can't say enough good things about our process!  

So anyway...back to the 30-day...
Our PM had contractors over starting at 8:00AM SHARP yesterday.  There must have been at least 10 guys over.  They worked the entire day and we just stayed out of their way and made sure they had water.  The guys are always nice and made sure we were satisfied with their repairs.  

Let me say this...nail pops are stupid and I will NEVER try to fix those myself.  LOL LOL LOL  Although we all wish we didn't see them, as long as you are able to have them repaired without messing up your painted walls, go for it.  If I had painted a room and saw a nail pop...this gal may have just got added a nice plant to cover that baby up.  HAHAHA  

They repaired everything in sight, repainted the place and now the cleaning crew is there as I type making it look great again.  I am super satisfied with the first 30+ days and can not wait to start putting more things in place. 

Sadly, not one room is completely ready to be revealed but I promise to post some pics soon.