Tuesday, February 17, 2015

In-Progress Update + Pics

Hello friends!

It has been such a process to get things in order here!  There were strong winds the other day and I am pretty sure those shingles in the backyard belong to us!  LOL...do I hear our first 'real' maintenance call?  YUP!  

Anyway, I thought I would snap some quick photos and talk a little about what we have done or plan to do in each one to make it flow a little better...so here we go...it's a long one!  

Garage Door
First, we had the entire place painted, including the garage side of this entrance door.  Knowing that we will finish the garage once the weather is a little better, I decided to go for a navy blue color.  I ordered this 'hello' sign from WordFactoryDesign on Etsy in black, then realized I needed it in white.  This will become a white 'hello' sign as soon as it arrives.

Man Cave

Man Cave
This is snap of my husband's 'Man Cave'.  He decided to go with a peanut color with a blue accent wall in the back.  We had most of the entertainment installed.  This includes the rack for all the components, PS4, receivers, and TiVo Roamio Pro.  We are a TiVo family so there are TiVo mini's attached to the back of each TV.  My husband is a stickler for wires showing by a TV!  hahaha

In his room, he decided to go with MartinLogan for entertainment sound.  The room was wired for in wall speakers before he made his decision, so we have someone coming out to patch up those spaces and re-paint since they will not be used.  He has a 5.2.1 setup (5 in-wall speakers including center, 2 floor speakers, and 1 subwoofer).

Our door did not come with a peephole, so we could either pay to have it done or do it ourselves.  Since it did not appear to be a major effort, we did this in 2.37 minutes!  It was super easy!  I could not believe someone would charge to do this.  Call it a good deed and just do it!  LOL

We installed the Nest a couple of weeks after we moved in.  It originally had a white plate behind it because it was smaller than the builder thermostat.  Since we were having the house painted anyways, my husband removed the place and patched and sanded the area.  The painters painted the area and we placed it back.  I really wanted a fluid look so now I have it!  Side note...this little guy is great if you're on the fence about installing one.

Powder Room 
We decided on a rust color for the powder room.  In the future, we will add a mosaic tile to the back wall (sink and toilet wall).  We are still deciding if this will be a DIY or hire someone.  Removing a toilet and sink...ehhhh I am not sure.  This will also be an opportunity for us to change out the sink and maybe the toilet.  I will keep you posted on if we take on this challenge!  

Dining Room 

Dining Room 
The wall color can slightly be seen in the picture, but not really!  This is a Restoration Hardware table and (4) chairs.  The head chairs are a charcoal color, which I found from Home Goods.  I decided on slate placemats and coasters for the table setting decor.  This picture was taken around Valentine's Day so that is why there are candles and roses.
The back wall will also become a DIY.  We are attaching wood planks to the wall to add some depth.  There will also be more furniture/decor added like an area rug, buffet, console table or dresser once the wall is in place.  They charge so much for a darn buffet that I doubt I go with that option unless I can find a good deal.  The dining room is on the same level as the kitchen and eventually this room will be the same wood as the kitchen.  

Living Room (Woman Cave)
This is the living room in which my husband has deemed the 'Woman Cave'.  You can't really see the color of the main wall but it is a light gray color.  The accent walls are purple.  I also had shelves added on each side of the fireplace and above for a 'mantle'.  You will notice a cut out above the TV.  This was the original location for the center channel, but it was moved to the right a little bit so this too will be repaired and re-painted with my husband's area.  I have a 5.1 speaker system (5 in-wall speakers including center and 1 subwoofer).  For my speakers, I went with Sonance which is a great sounding speaker, just not as huge as the MartinLogan's.
I have not decorated the shelves yet, so please forgive the placement of items! 

2nd Bath

This is the second bathroom which is like a green-ish color.  It makes me think of a beach when I walk in.  This room will have a theme but I am still deciding on which way to go.  I placed the white towel to try to show the true color.  

Master Bedroom 
Master Bedroom 
This color is really hard to see but it is a mix between a light brown and peach.  We had just put the bed together so please excuse the bed.  LOL
This room still has a lot of items to be added.  Sitting chairs, floor mirror, and other decor.  

Master Bath
The color in the master bath is a light brown and the color is pretty true in this pic.  It goes really well with the counter, floors and wall.

My Closet

My Closet
Here is my closet.  I have a pink-ish color on the back wall and gray on the side walls.  It's hard to see...not because of the picture, but because there is too much crap in there!  HAHAHA
We put in the Elfa system in both closets and instructed the builder to not put in their shelves.  We knew we didn't want them, so instead of having to patch holes, we went bare for about a month.  

Laundry Room
This is our laundry room color, which we actually painted.  LOL  Since it wasn't a main room, we decided to try our artistic expression by painting it a light green.  THIS is the reason we hired painters!  HAHAHA  While our work is not bad, it's not perfect.  It was fun, but that was enough!  LOL  I ordered this decal from TweetHeartWallArt on Etsy as well.  We will also add some cabinets or shelving system in this room.  Again, we told the builder to keep their shelving.

Savant System

Savant Remote
Lastly, this is how we control all TVs, music, and lighting throughout the house.  The main rooms have iPads and the guest bedroom has a remote.  We figured a remote would be easier for guests like our moms.

My husband also changed all the lights to LEDs and had a future tube ran to the attic.  He also put placed a wireless access point in the attic for Wi-Fi throughout the home.


This is next on our to-do list.  We will be removing the building shelving and DIY-ing a better solution.  I am still not sure what the solution will be, but something without holes.  We will also paint and/or wall paper this room.  More to come on this project.  

We still have some lighting to install.  There will be path lights for the stairs and special settings for things like 'movie time'.  

For the rest of the home, we still have lots of furniture to purchase and decor to hang.  I keep a list of projects and I believe there are about 30 more to go!  LOL  My husband will have a fit once he sees there is a lot more to do.  Most of them are small things like under cabinet lights for the kitchen.  We will add a backsplash to the kitchen as well, but we wanted to wait until we had it painted.

I hope this wasn't too long...I owed you all some updating.  

How are your projects going?  Any learned lessons to share?


Thursday, February 5, 2015

What Is That In Our Backyard?

Hi there!  Long time no hear because between having my husband finish small projects and not having one room quite complete, there hasn't been much to show you all.  

Sometimes, the bad is never showcased, but I will show you all one issue we missed...big time!  LOL
Electrical box in part of our yard

You see this green box thingy...I believe it's electrical.  We originally thought it belonged to Verizon (Fios), but it did not.  After a few calls, the builder admitted they messed up...somewhere...somehow.

I am not sure why we didn't notice this on day one (the thrill was real), but it was surely there.  The good thing is the guy representing the builder jumped on it and is having it removed, and place OUTSIDE of property lines.  I am not sure of the impact on the community, as electricity may need to be cut for a little while.  

I feel bad, but the reality is we need to have a fence put up for our little yorkie and this prevents that from happening.  We are just happy that everyone is working together to have it moved to a better location and have our backyard re-sodded.  

Outside of this, we are still enjoying every part of our home.  I couldn't be more happier!!!  We are still experiencing some settling but our PM is still by our side.  He has been fixing everything even though we are pass our 30-day!  I called corporate to express how satisfied we are with the attention we have received.   

How are all of you enjoying your homes?  I hope all is well and I look forward to updating soon.