Thursday, July 10, 2014

"A Little Mix of Everything" Update (07/08/2014)

Hello Blog Family!

Before giving my update, I must say I have really enjoyed reading all your posts and updates.  Since I just joined the crew not too long ago, I have been spending some time going through older postings and getting more of the scoop on how you made your decisions, what headaches you overcame, and of course, all the pleasantries of the process.  Thank you so much for sharing!!!  Since I can not shop for anything big, you all have tickled my shopping fancy with your furniture shopping and decor ideas.

Community Update
My hubby and I went to make an appearance this past Tuesday.  We were both off because Ms. Beyonce didn't start on time and it was in Baltimore (and if you don't know anything else about the area...understand that it took us 3 hours to drive 53 miles going to the concert and about 2 hours getting back home).  Whew, talk about tired.  So we took some time to relax and do more house stuff.

The contractors have come a long way with the row they are currently working on.  Our row is up next...but they have 4 more to sell before they can start.  We spoke to our SR about their plans to engage more buyers (since July/August is their slow month...according to them), and she said they will most likely pack on some good incentives.  We will probably go back out once I return from my much need girls trip so I will provide an update then.

Current row: They are moving right along!
Our row: signs say "Available" but the table diagram inside says "Sold" (not sure what to believe)

Inside says "Sold" outside says "Available"

Closets & The Container Store Visit
We have decided to go with an Elfa Closet System from the Container Store for both closets in the Master Suite.  We will request that they delete the install of the builder shelves when the time comes.  For some reason, my Elfa was roughly $2500 and his was $1800...those shoes will do it to you!  They have Elfa sales twice a year with the next one being in January.  Since it appears that we will be delayed, this may work out for us.  If not, don't judge me, but we will use the guest rooms until the sale happens.  You will soon know that if I can catch a sale, consider it done.  This gal is not afraid to save a dollar or two!  We stopped by for what I thought would be a quick shin-dig, only to be there for about an hour.  I had no idea it would be this long.  Ms. Eboni was not prepared at all.  My husband had to hop over to McDonald's next door and grab me a snack.  My McDonald's desire stop after a coffee (because it's good for the price) and the occasional bagel and cream cheese.  So you know I had to be starving.  I inhaled those fries and iced tea!  HAHAHA

Since we will have accent walls in the closets, the Mr. informed me that OPI has wall paint so I went to take a look (online) and they were not bad.  I figured I could go with a fun, not so dark, color to match with my chandelier that I need to find.

Are any of you doing anything to your closets or do prefer to let them be?  My friends could care less about jazzing up a closet space, but I thought it would be something fun...just a thought.  Well a thought that I will act upon.  LOL

Some of you have some fab closet spaces and even dressing rooms!  Hmmmm do I hear an idea for our next home?  *wink wink*

I will sit down over the next few days and get all of our selections up for everyone.  I have not ran into anyone else building in our community (a single family or townhome) but you never know who may join and need a little insight for their home.


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