Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Hey I'm Back!

Hello everyone!

So I took a girls trip to Toronto this past week and honestly...it was a trip I will probably never forget.  Lets just say one of the girls was a newbie (never met or spoke to in my life)...and you know how they say "you can be friends with anyone, you just can't travel with anyone"?

There were no crazy issues, but this woman was very disrespectful to strangers (which I don't do) and not to mention we were in a different country.  Drama was the name of the game the first two days so when I say I was ready to come home...this gal was not joking.  So needless to say I literally ran to my hubby when he picked me up from the airport!  LOL

In more important news...
I am sooooo happy about all the amazing updates you have shared over the last week!  I see some very nice things happening and I can only imagine how happy you all are!
I went to our site yesterday to check on the number of townhomes left to sell in our row.  There are 3 more available.  This is good but not sure if they can pull it off by the end of July.  At least the numbers are moving so that is a positive spin!

Now I will just sit back and live through you all!  No more shopping or vacation scheduled (although my birthday is Monday...whoo whoo)!  Maybe I will just sit home with our Yorkie and chill-lax for free!  

Until next time...happy building friends!


  1. Happy birthday!!

    I've been on trips with people like that and it REALLY ruins the trip. I went to Paris while I was studying abroad in Spain in college and one of the girls was just awful to travel with. She is the reason there are horrible stereotypes for Americans .. I could barely handle it haha!

    Hopefully they sell those townhomes quickly so they can get started! Good luck!

    1. Thank you so much!!! Paris??? Oh nooooo! I agree...my "bad seed" surely made me feel like "THIS is why people think we are so bad!" Glad you survived Paris because that is a much bigger trip than my little ole' Canada trip.

      Yes, our SR is supposed to tell us if there are any updates by the end of the week. We have to inform our apartment's leasing office on our next steps. I will keep you posted!!!

      Have a great week!