Saturday, August 16, 2014

It's Finally Moving!

Happy Saturday BFF's (Blog Family & Friends)!!!

We received some exciting news recently that our row is ready for building!  YIPPPEEEEE!  This news made me so happy as I have waited to hear something since the beginning of August!  I told myself that I would just be patient and enjoy the process.  We visited the community today to talk to the SR...which by the way...our original SR is now at another location *insert side eye here*.

One unit that was originally sold is now available because financing fell through.  Good thing is they only needed 6 of 7 to start building.  The SR told us that we should hear from them in about 10 days to set the pre-construction meeting date.  While I don't have many new things to show, I managed to snap a few pics while at the property.  I can report that our lot has been cleared of all the 'mess' that was once piled up...I will count that as progress!

Anywho...I hope you all are enjoying your weekends and I look forward to posting more in the days to come!  If you all have any advice or tips for the upcoming pre-construction meeting, please share.  I could use all the help you have to offer!

Lots are cleared from the pile-up of supplies

Great elementary school at entrance to our community

View that some (not us) will have from their property

One happy girl in the model bedroom (please forgive the outfit) LOL


  1. Hooray for moving forward! I know you're excited!!!

  2. Yayyy!! So exciting!

    As for tips: I would send them a list of your pre-construction questions ahead of time. Hopefully, they can email it back to you with answers (this means you get their answers in writing), and then you can clarify stuff at the actual meeting. This just makes the meeting shorter and easier. Even if they don't answer them ahead of time, it will at least give them some time to find you some answers they aren't sure of, so they don't just tell you what they "think" is the answer off the top of their head (they often tell you the wrong answer - at least in our experience haha!).

    Have fun!

    1. Thank you so much for the advice! I will surely jot some questions down and send their way before the meeting!