Tuesday, August 26, 2014

BREAKING NEWS but We Missed It

Whooo Hoooo!  Two posts in one day!

Pizza makes everything better!
 (We, The Pizza, DC)
So why the need for pizza after lunch?  Let me explain...

Earlier, I told you all that we had been waiting on a call from our new SR to tell us more on the pre-con meeting and moving forward in general.  Well I called our old SR just to find out that they have already broken ground and our pre-con meeting will be Sept. 2, 2014.  Now I am not sure how many newbie's are out there, but for me, this was like a bad break-up.  She did allow us to pick the date for the meeting, but I was pissed about the ground-breaking already occurring.  This is our first home and I really wanted needed to be there for this HUGE milestone.  I mean it's not like we build homes every year right? 

So if you could imagine how heavy the world seemed at that point...I wanted to scream to the top of my lungs and eat pizza afterwards.  Since I couldn't scream, I decided pizza would do for the time being.  Seriously, I was really upset at NV Homes for this move.  Shouldn't I be?  Our [old] SR told us that our next milestone would be framing.  Heck, I am leaving for holiday travels and now I am afraid when I return, the entire row of towns will be complete.  Plumbing, painting, electrical, you name it.   

As bad as I wanted some movement, I didn't think they would skip the vital parts like telling us when it would officially start!  I have counted down from 999 about 65 times (so I could write this post), but I must head to Sbux to help keep me cool until I can get home.  

I plan on going out to the site to reenact my photos of the "ground-breaking"!  I want to capture as much of this as possible...no thanks to NV!  LOL



  1. Wow - that's really frustrating that they didn't tell you that they had broken ground. Do you live far away from the new house? It sounds like you need to start making regular trips out there to stay on top of things!

    1. Hi there! We live about 30 min. away and with DC traffic it could easily add one hour depending on the time of day you go. I will surely be taking the drive often but I wish it were closer. This gal would make it my business to be there daily :-)

  2. I would be frustrated/angry too! They definitely should have told you that! These big builders seem to have a hard time communicating with their customers sometimes. I think they sell so many homes that they forget how huge of a moment it is for each home buyer.

    Hopefully you live close by and can pop over sometimes! Once they break ground things go pretty fast! If you haven't already, I'd let them know how important it is to you that they communicate these things. Hopefully, that will make them stay on there game a little more. After all, they really depend on those evaluation forms you will fill out at the end of the process!

    1. I told my hubby that I will make it a known fact how unhappy this made me. Going forward, I will let them know the importance of communication. It's good to know that we have a say via the evaluation at the end. I was telling LuLu that we live about 30 min. away but could be more depending on the DC traffic. Once I return from holiday travel, I will be out there ready to let them know this type of non-sense is not good for business! LOL