Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Officially Counting Down...

Let the official countdown begin...

...but first...let me express to you that painting (something I thought I would love) is something I may actually hate dislike.  Between HGTV and you awesome DIY-ers, it seemed like such a fun thing to do.  Let me tell you...those edges...I can't 'cut in' an edge if I really tried.  And I am saying that because I really did try and failed to no end.  I even cheated with some sort of cutting in tool and still managed to mess up the darn ceiling!  LOL  We had to prime all (meaning two) the accent walls in our current apartment.  It was such a  disappointing job, I had to break it up over a 3-day period.  And to think I was about to paint our new place.  No way.  Not at all.  Not this gal.  Nope.  
You see the problem was I watched the (hired) guys do our accent wall without tape and it popped in my mind that I could do it too.  Ha...I was more than just wrong...I was all the way wrong!  Am I the only non-painting painter out there?  Please say no!  LOL  
Super kudos to you out there doing those fab paint jobs.  

Now on to some updates!  We met with our broker over the weekend, as he took on our 'first guest' title!  It was exciting to walk in, take shoes off and walk around like it was our home.  The heat temp was set just right, making it super nice and cozy.  I could have easily snuggled on the floor with my iPad and had a grand time.  Maybe that is why they lock people like me out...because I don't know how to act.  HAHAHA  

Seriously, it was nice to see the place pretty much finished.  Although there was blue tape everywhere (walls, ceilings, stairs and floors) I could appreciate them acknowledging all the marks and dings.  If you all remember, there was that issue of our dining room chandelier being in the wrong spot.  That was fixed...but only 50% complete.  They did move it, but now they need to fix the ceiling that was cut.  There was also the issue of the master shower tile being replaced where they placed the jets.  They took out the jets, which I am assuming was done to begin repairing the tiles.  They still have some detailing to do inside and outside.   

My last meeting with our PM will be this Friday before the holiday vacation.  It will be the last time I see the place before we have our pre-settlement and settlement meetings.  I have really enjoyed this process!  It went by soooo fast!  I remember thinking "Oh I can't wait to be where all the other bloggers are"!  I was there before I could turn around.  You all have made this process even better: bouncing ideas off each other, learning from our mistakes, laughing (and maybe crying) together!  You all are awesome and I thank you for everything!!! 

Here are just a few pics from the weekend!  Have a great rest of the week!

Painting those accent walls 

Staircase with lots of blue tape

Pantry with blue tape

Chandelier moved



  1. I soooo don't want to paint either. We are hiring someone to do the first floor, but thinking of doing the second ourselves. Sadness.

    I love your chandelier. It's unique for sure! I really like how it stands out.

    We are both almost there!!!

    1. Yaaay! I am so glad I am not alone! I am sure you all will do just great on the 2nd floor!

      Thanks for the chandelier love. Not sure I really "love" it, but it will do for now.

      Yes, we close around the same time and it will be here very soon! I know we will all be partying together!

  2. So exciting! Things are looking great!

    You are not the only person who hates painting! I don't mind painting but my boyfriend hates it too! He will not be allowed to paint inside of the house haha! You're not alone! We may even hire someone to do the first floor because it looks like it would be exhausting!

    1. Whew! Thank goodness you ladies (and your boyfriend) are in the club with me. I agree because you all have a LOT of space! Your place is coming along great! You two are expert DIY-ers! :-)