Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Updates, Blinds and More...

Well hello there!  It seems like it's been a little while since my last update, so here I am with a brief one for you.  We have been busy with priming our current apartment walls (because it's in the lease to do so if you changed the original color), packing, shopping for window treatment and upcoming holiday travel planning.  We will be closing once we return from our holiday travel, so getting things squared away in the next week is super important.

Every weekend, we still visit to see the progress because we are not locked out yet.  Yipppeee.  Our PM has warned us that the inevitable 'lock-out' period is approaching.  LOL!  Last weekend, we met some new neighbors and saw hardwood and carpet being installed.  Unfortunately, I was unable to get those pics because the men were busy working and I tried to stay out the way.

The cook-top and dishwasher has also installed.  I must admit that our kitchen was the one place I had the most joy 'designing'.  They installed our shower in the master suite as well.  There are still some things that need to be addressed (which I hope to be done this week).  There are some tiles that need to be replaced where the shower was installed and our dining room chandelier is not placed where we requested.  Our PM assured us this will be fixed so I am just waiting it out.  We also opted for them to omit the wire shelving in our master closets and the laundry room.  We will be placing Elfa systems in our closets and cabinets in the laundry room.

Oh...I almost forgot...we have been shopping for window blinds and boy-oh-boy, did I misjudge the price of those things AND how many choices you have!  We decided on cordless faux wood blinds in the color Textured Coconut (doesn't that sound fun), placed throughout the home.  We decided on faux wood because not only does it give us the look we want without the real wood price tag, but they are easy to care for (meaning the sun and water wont attack them like the real wood blinds).  Our installer and company is ready for us to say 'go', but that will not happen until we close.

I would love to know what window treatment are you going with?  

Here are a couple of pictures!
Carpet laid and covered


Master shower (you can see the broken tiles around the jets)

Blind selections



  1. Exciting stuff! You guys are so close to being done!

    For window treatments, I went with just curtains in the rooms in the back of the house because no one can really see in there, plus we can close the curtains for some privacy. In the powder room, which is facing the front of the house we went with faux wood blinds as well! We really like them! We'll probably do the same thing in the Dining Room too whenever we have money again!

    1. Awesome! I am glad you like your blinds. I hear you about having money again...we are thinking by next December, we should have money again! HAHAHAHA I can just see the money faucet being turned all the way up for a little while AFTER moving in! LOL

  2. Oh wow! It's really looking good! I love your shower! Jealous! I will trade our tub for your shower! Lol.

    We are doing drapes in front and cellular shades in the back. We back to a cornfield so they will be open a lot of the time.

    Did I say I love yor townhouse?!?

    1. Thank you! Heeeeyyy...your tub is GRAND so you may have a deal!
      I love the cellular shades too! I thought about adding some (in some room) but when I saw the price I said "OK, I am sticking to faux blinds"! LOL Great choice!

  3. Wow, everything looks so beautiful and fancy! We also just bought curtains so far. They were expensive enough, especially with all of the windows we have! After we are in, we plan on evaluating if we want blinds installed our if the curtains are good enough.

    1. Nice! I bet you they look terrific! I will be looking forward to your pics!

  4. Amazing pics!! I looooove your cooktop and your shower!!! Wonderful choices!

  5. Everything is coming right along!!! Love your master bath tile choices!!!