Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Finishing Our Garage: Episode 4 (the lights)

I must apologize for the slight hiatus!  We have been super busy with those darn laundry room shelves.  Oh my...when you think something will be easy but turns out to be pure evil...
I will share those details with you soon, but let me update you all on our garage space!

We have finished the lighting in the garage, which turned out to be a little more work than planned, but we my husband made it happen!

As you may have seen in previous posts, we started out with 'regular' garage lighting, nothing fancy, just two lights controlled by a regular switch.  If not, you can check out our garage before picture here or here.

Being that we wanted the space to feel more like an extension of our home, this project called for the following:
  • Changing the 'regular' lights to recessed can lights
  • Re-patching and painting the (entire) ceiling (not planned)
  • Replacing bulbs with LEDs 
In episode 3, I showed you how we replaced the switch and switch plate for the lighting control.  

To start, my husband had to cut bigger holes in the ceiling so the recessed can lights would fit (I will list the supplies we used below).  We used one of the templates that came with the can to cut out drywall.  We started by cutting off small pieces at a time until the right dimensions were cut.  I am sure there is a more technical way to do this, but we took the safe route.  We did not want to cut too much drywall, resulting in more patch work at the end.  .

Once the drywall was cut, the cans were successfully installed.  We patched and painted the ceiling, allowing adequate drying time between coats.  The problem we ran into was seeing the paint roller marks on the ceiling...which wasn't the end of the world, but we wanted to make it as uniform as possible.  We tried to just repaint those two areas, but in the end we had to roll the entire ceiling again to achieve uniformity.  Things turned out great and we love the new lighting effect and polished look.

Alternative: if you are not into recessed can lighting and want to do something a little more 'funky', there are tons of lighting options for you.  How about track lighting or lights with an added shade?  Have fun with the space, but make sure it's still functional for you.  Be sure to share your space with me.  I love seeing all the new ideas!

Supplies/Tools Used:
And finally, here are a few pictures:


Husband hard at work changing the old lights

After install and before patch work

Final product!

Next, I will share how we organized our garage space and what we decided to use to help us achieve our look while being friendly to our pockets! 



  1. Great idea, much more pleasant looking. Did your output of light change because its now recessed?

    1. Thanks Owen! Yes it did, but only because we decided on that particular LED bulb, not because of it being recessed. We wanted a more 'warm' feeling and with this bulb it provided just that. There are other options like 'daylight' that will give a different output, but totally up to you!