Monday, July 27, 2015

New Home, New Pest

Let's chat briefly about pest and your home!

When you started to build your home, did you ever think about the homes you could destroy in the process?  I sure did not, but I will never forget again.  

Here is a quick summary of what happens.  When your home is being constructed and there are multiple days of pounding, digging, cutting, and caving going on, the little critters in the ground, who has found and built homes are being disturbed the entire time. 

We have now been in our home for nearly eight months, and there were no sightings of bugs until they started building the row of townhomes behind us.  OH MY GOSH...first, let me explain to you my issue.  I can not do spiders.  I hate them, they probably hate me back, but we need to be able to hate each other from afar.  I seriously freak the freak out!  It's almost like something comes over me and I can't think, speak, blink, breathe, or comprehend!  I'm pretty sure professional help is much needed at this point.  So imagine coming down to the lower level on three different occasions to wolf spiders.  YES, three wolf spiders within a month.  I did not go into the man cave alone for a little while.  

Although we had not seen anymore since the three amigos came to visit, we agreed that pest control would be good at this point.  A company, by the name of Alterra stopped by our home and after we did our research and read reviews (thank you yelp), we Said Yes to the Pest (control) and they were out the very next day.  When bugs of any sort are up for discussion, it's important to remember that even if you aren't afraid of them, they could be harmful to you and your family (including pets).  I am sure they have their benefits, but they also bite, crawl into nose and ear openings, and they are not the cutest little things.  I feel like if you are a bug and your environment is outside, I will not invade or disturb you or your home (on purpose).  However, if you enter my home, you are now out of YOUR environment and all bets are off.  Not joking!  I will spray anything I can get my hands on to destroy you.  

I would suggest that if you do not already have a plan for pest control, please consider one.  They live in attics too (places we don't tend to visit on a regular).  Also, as the seasons come and go, so will the bugs.  They need warmth for the winter months, so now would be a great time to get ahead of them.

As I mentioned, we went with Alterra for our pest control needs.  The guy was very professional and told us exactly how he would attack the house.  He asked us if there were any spaces we did not want treated and after a firm "NO", he started on the lower level and worked his way upstairs, ending outside.  Their treatment is not harmful to humans or pets (as we do have a little yorkie), but he told us to keep him away from the product for about 30 minutes.  Do your research on your pest control company.  In our community, Alterra is known for being pushy with the sales tactics.  We did not have this experience, but everyone is not the same.  Do what's best for you and your home.  Make sure you have some type of guarantee and call-back service if you were to see a little critter on a Tuesday morning!  We liked what they offered, the price point was good, and the reviews were favorable.    

Are you as afraid of bugs as I am?  Please don't tell me I am the only one!  Perhaps you faced your fears and can share with me how you did it???    



  1. "I am sure they have their benefits, but they also bite, crawl into nose and ear openings, and they are not the cutest little things."

    Oh no, I'm not sleeping tonight! *shudder*

    Great post as usual! I will definitely keep Alterra on the short list!

    1. HAHAHA! You are toooo funny! Sorry about that!