Sunday, October 12, 2014

Powder Room Changes...Already???

Hello there!  I hope your weekend was super awesome and filled with more home news!

Since finding out from our PM that we would be allowed to paint once we move in, I flew to HD to check out some paint swatches.  Things like this really help to visualize the setup for a room or decor that would go well with particular colors.  I am in no way a design pro or interior decorator...I just happen to like things nicely put together.  

For the current moment, my brain is wrapped around our powder.  We took a trip to Mosaic Tile to check out some back-splashes and tile options.  

Mosaic Accent Wall
Display at Mosaic Tile (my powder room idea)
I really want this space to be a warm color to remind me of my favorite season (Fall).  Although it will likely only be used for guests, I still want it to be inviting.  I saw this awesome display at Mosaic Tile and got a quote.  If you have never been to a Mosaic Tile, the cool thing is every display has a name plate telling you who installed the display along with their contact information.  The installers are local (at least they are at this location) so it makes contacting them very easy.

Our powder room was not a first priority (believe it or not), however, it will become one of the first places to get a full makeover.  I say this because with this accent wall, they will need to move the sink and toilet to complete the installation.  Why not use that opportunity to replace the standard white pedestal sink (and maybe the toilet)?  Great idea right?  LOL  I am currently shopping for the right bowl/vanity/sink to replace the standard one so I will update you all with those options soon.  Who knew finding a bowl would be so difficult?  There was some information requested from the installers like "what will you be replacing the standard sink with?", which requires me to have a sink selected...and I still don't have one.  Since 90% of the room will be complete once the install is complete, I figured we could paint it add some simple decor and mark this room as DONE.



  1. Girl - I can't believe you're already talking about ripping up the powder room! :) Ha!
    That stone work looks really nice though - it will be a cool feature in that space!

    1. I know right! I'm a mess. LOL I hope it looks great when it's all done

    2. Haha I am planning on putting down a new floor immediately after closing so I know the feeling of wanting to change stuff! haha! I LOVE the accent wall! You're giving me ideas now! haha!

    3. High five for joining the people-who-cant-wait-to-change-stuff group! LOL ALL have helped me so much, I owe you a zillion ideas!

  2. I'm in your group too! I want to tackle the powder first. Mirror has GOT to go. Nothing screams builder grade more than that! I already spent several hundred dollars on chandeliers too!

    I want our house to look nothing like everyone else's! Haha.

    1. Whoop Whoop! I have yet to understand why they pick some of the most basic items to put in homes (well other than price)! A chandelier is an item that could totally transform a look. You go girl! I hope you share all of your decor ideas, purchases and transformations. I would love to see them!!!

      I noticed when we were in our community, all the homes that had their windows open, all had the standard hardware for lighting. I know it's still early but I can totally understand your want to be different.

    2. Eboni- we are on the same page. That Progress lighting package they use kills me. So far we bought pendant replacements for the kitchen, a chandelier for the formal dining, and a new entryway light.

      I can't wait to see your powder! It's such a small room that it doesn't take much to make it stand out. The light and the mirror must go for us. Hahaha!