Saturday, October 11, 2014

Pre-Drywall Meeting + Closing Date

Hello everyone!

So we recently had our pre-dryall meeting that consisted of our PM, broker, the Trinity Wiring guy and of!  We walked each floor pointing out our preferences on outlets and tv connection locations, and what the different color spray paints meant.  The place was really moving along in a positive way.  I must say that our broker is the  He was very meticulous on every piece of sunlight he saw around the doors and windows.  Our PM jumped right on it and said it would be fixed.  The meeting didn't last that long (maybe 45 min.), but we left with confidence in the building process.

There was a post from one of my blogger friends, Lauren, over at New Beginnings in Our Palermo Ryan Home, about painting before the 1-year drywall warranty expired.  I had no idea that in some communities, if you paint before your warranty expires, it could void the warranty.  With this new information, I wanted to ask our PM about it (because I totally planned on painting ASAP).  Our PM told us that if we decided to put a custom color on the wall and later on something needed to be repaired (i.e. crack, etc.), they would paint the wall back to the standard color only and not the custom color.  He went on to say that we would be responsible for re-painting the wall to the custom color.  I really thank Lauren for the post!  I would have never thought this would be a question of concern, but I was really wrong.

Oh...I almost forgot...our PM was able to get us a closing date of December 6th, 2014.  Yiipppeee!  Our home will be ready around Thanksgiving, but since we will be traveling we asked if we could move it to the first week of December.  We are pumped!!!

Up next...we hired an inspector to tell us what our home really looks like!  Stay tuned!

Our broker pointing out something to our PM

We have a fireplace

Our humidifier was installed



  1. Exciting stuff! Your broker sounds awesome! I'm so glad you found that post about the paint useful! It seems like most communities are like yours where they still fix the wall but just won't paint it your custom color. Unfortunately for us, we're still being told it voids our warranty completely :( Total bummer. We kind of think that our PM may be wrong on that but I have no doubt it would cause problems later so we're just going to wait .. It's going to be torture!

    1. Haha! He is awesome! Yes, thank you again!!! No worries on you all's just paint...more time to let your creative juices flow onto something else in your home right? :-)

  2. Yay! So glad things are going well! Everything is looking good :)

    1. Thank you!!! Yes things are moving and I am getting more excited by the days! I want to be where you all's so exciting!