Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Hey July, Nice To See You Again!

July is finally here and I am super excited...why?  Because it's my birthday month and I love to celebrate all month long (even though my day is not until the very end of the month)!  HAHAHA  You know when you wake up to tons of birthday freebies and discounts from restaurants and stores, it's going to be a great month!  To make it count, I will put my savings into house projects!!!  

Seriously, I have to tell you all that we are planning (notice the word 'planning') to complete a few projects this month.  I want to make this month really count so I hope to complete all of these.   

Here is a list of planned projects (taken from my master to-do list that is just ridiculously too long to share):

  • Finish the garage (walls and lighting are done, but we have to do the flooring, do some patching and minor painting, and finish the storage solution)
  • Add recessed lighting in the master bedroom
  • Add ceiling fan and sconces to master bedroom
  • Add accent wall to 3rd bedroom
  • Change out the builder provided chandelier in the dining room
  • Change out the builder provided pendant lighting over the kitchen island
  • Buy more furniture (this will be monthly until we get the place fully furnished)  
Now...there are several projects on hold because my lovely husband is taking a wood working class this month, and has convinced me that he will be able to complete the projects requiring wood work.  One of these projects is the laundry room.  We requested no builder-grade wire shelving be placed in the laundry room.  This means I keep buying stuff, like decor and storage bins, and stacking it up because I do not have shelving in there yet.  I will make sure to keep you posted on that.  It should be interesting... :-)

How are you all doing?  Any projects planned or completed?  What about all the people getting ready to settle...are you super excited? 

If there are any other July birthdays out there, HAPPIEST birthday to you!  


  1. We close in 12 days and the list of projects is overwhelming. Where to start?? It's nice to see that you just take them one at a time and slowly but surely the house becomes a home.

    1. Yay!!! I am always so excited for new homeowners! I have you on my blog roll so I will be following along. I took a brief stroll through your blog and your home is just beautiful! There are so many things I love already like the windows, the closet systems you all picked out (can't wait to see those) and the double doors with the locks.
      Congrats on everything!!!

  2. Happy birthday month!! I look forward to seeing all of your projects!

    1. Thank you sunshine! I will be sure to post some soon. I go back and forth on if I should post progress pics or just before/after pics. Either way...I will have some soon! :-)