Wednesday, October 7, 2015

10 Month Inspection (Part II)

Painted the house in blue tape
We had our inspection today, so I wanted to follow up on my previous post and show you some of the 21 items on our list!  We painted the house in blue tape, most of which were nail pops.  Our dry-wall service is scheduled for November, so we started early to make sure we get every single item!   

In my opinion, most of the items on our list were great items to have addressed, and others...well...we had to ask ourselves "do we want to take the chance on messing things up more?"  For example, you remember that leaky sink I spoke of here, well they fixed the leak but the few water buckles left underneath the cabinet...we still have those!  In order for those to be fixed, they would have to basically rip the entire island out, including removing the granite.  Sometimes, things are better left in their current condition.  We felt like removing the entire island was a huge risk that could potentially cause more issues later.  You know things never go wrong until after the warranty has expired right?  LOL

Other than the sink, they addressed everything on our list and a few items require parts to be ordered so the crew will be returning soon to finish those.  They started bright and early at 8 o'clock on the dot.  The doorbell seemed constant with guys coming to fix different items.  They were here for about 3 hours total and everyone was super nice and helpful!  

I love pictures, so I figured it would be easier to touch on each case individually:

Above: Kitchen sink filled to the no-leak-maximum
Now it's fixed and we can fill to the top!

Above: Two steps being fixed because they squeaked

Above: In certain light, you could see the roller marks
The crew re-painted the ceiling to fix

Above: Outside paint missing because it was too cold when we moved in for painting. We decided to wait until now to have it fixed, because it was no big deal for us due to the location.

Above: Example of areas needing caulk

Above: Construction wrap not fully cut around window

Above: Wood in need of a new polyurethane coat
Above: Past home of a towel rack
It was broken and after a previous fix, it broke again. I had it removed today and I will replace with another solution. The cause of it being broken was it was installed too far apart. 

One item that I was not able to capture was a hole in the man cave, underneath the carpet.  My husband informed the head guy about the item, and his response was "it's concrete underneath".  When they pulled back the carpet, there was a hole in the floor.  They filled it and replaced the carpet.  This is why I suggest that you walk all floors and stairs.  We also had 2 wood planks replaced in the kitchen that had a little squeak.  

We have many nail pops, mostly in the ceiling, along with cracks and seams.  We will continue to mark these with our handy blue tape and have them addressed in November.  Some of the nail pops are on our custom colored walls so we will re-paint those few areas afterwards.  

Note: I like to have things planned when possible, so looking ahead at the dry-wall schedule, I was informed they do not have any openings until late November.  This was perfect for us, but I suggest that you schedule ahead if possible.  Remember, the certificate is only good for one year so please take into account their schedule.  

Overall, we are pleased with how things turned out and the responses we received about all the items.  I asked very specific questions and received very straight answers.  One can appreciate someone not dancing around the questions or trying to give you the most expensive solution all the time!  For this, we thank you NVHomes!  



  1. As always great info! Thanks for sharing

    1. You are so welcome Vanessa!!! Have a great weekend!

  2. That's a great tip on scheduling the drywall fixes!

    1. Thank you Mary! I am not sure how they would handle a person not being able to get in before the expiration date, but hopefully no one will have to find out. :-(

  3. I saw your picture stating wood need another polyurethane coat. Is that your floor or banisters??

    1. Hi Rachel - it was our banisters.
      Have a great weekend!

  4. I ask because I'm sitting here right now waiting on them to come to finish ours. The stain was spotted so we had them to re-stain them yesterday and they are coming today to apply the polyurethane to them.

    1. Oh I see! Yes, make sure to have them do them all because after they applied the polyurethane coat to our one side, it was much more shiny than the other side. We had them come back out to make them all shiny :-) I am not sure if they used something different the first time or what happened, but the shine effect was waaaayyy different and made it look weird. Hopefully you don't have that issue, but if so, just have them do them all.
      Good luck with yours today!!!