Friday, October 16, 2015

Winterizing My Closet (before) + Pictures

Finally, my favorite season is upon us!  Fall is everything to me: scarfs, boots, cute hats and my favorite drinks at Starbucks!  #PSL

As you know, my closet is the Elfa System from the Container Store.  You can see my initial closet setup here.  Maybe it's just me, but I still feel I could use more space!  For as long as I can remember, I have been switching out my Spring/Summer attire to Fall/Winter twice a year.  I store my out of season fashions in Ziploc Space Saver Bags, because they actually do save a great deal of space and they are a super easy and affordable solution.

Since I was making the switch, I wanted to show you all my closet...the good, the bad and the ugly!  Most of the time, this space is kept pretty neat because I like to just grab-and-go!  When I am trying to find something for date night, or for an event, that is where you will meet the monster side of the closet.  I fail to hang things in the correct location, or hang things back up at all!  The good thing is I have a door, so it should not cause a problem for the day or so I leave it a mess.  HAHAHA

I love my closet, but for the life of me, I still do not have a place for most of my costume jewelry.  Originally, I purchased a cart with a jewelry hook and since then, the cart is in another closet (empty) and the jewelry hook is on the floor the spare bedroom.  Ladies, where do you store your cute necklaces/jewelry?  I am open to any and all help!!!

Here are some pics of my closet as I move in my clothes for the cooler months.  There are some other items that I need to figure out because they are also a hot mess.  For example, I keep my receipts for almost everything I purchase.  If it's a bigger item, I keep for...forever.  For other items like clothing, I keep until the return policy expire, just in case I need to return them.  This bag of paper is going to drive me crazy, so I have to think of a creative way for this madness.  To keep this post from going any longer, I will do the 'after' post separately.  

*Warning: the following contains messy (but truthful) pictures*

Above: Saying good-bye to my maxi dresses and other spring/summer items...

Above: ...which left me with a mess...
Above: ...or two! Never mind my Epsom salt and lavender from the tub area...trying to multitask!!

Above: Going through dresses...

Above: ...and skirts!

Above: Jeans and sweaters stay around all year...

Above: ...and so does most blazers!

 But then the real problem is revealed...bags of crap in need of a home!  

Above: My bag of receipts that I keep for return purposes. This creates a chore of me going through them monthly

Above: Another bag of crap! Boxes/containers from smaller gifts

Above: AND another load of products in containers that drive me up the wall and back! 

Above: Original setup using the cart 

 I'm wondering if I should use the cart again?  I just hate that it closes the closet off a little more.  Currently, I like walking right in without much thought.  LOL  

Let me work on cleaning up this mess and I will post the final closet soon.



  1. Oy vey. My closet system was just installed on Tuesday and I swear I'm already panicking because I don't know if the space will be enough! Since we just recently transplanted from So Cal, if I put away all of my warm weather clothes, I literally would have maybe two outfits to wear. :-) So I'm adding stuff to my wardrobe slowly, and wearing a lot of sweaters, cardigans, boots and scarves with the maxi dresses.

    As far as the organization of receipts and such goes, I have about five shoe boxes that I've devoted a shelf to and it's full of receipts .... uh, that is just as bad as your receipt bag! So while in Target (I think) the other day, I saw these super cute, miniature portable filing cabinet things that I'm going to see if I can devote a corner in the closet to. You look pretty maxed to capacity so I'm not sure if you can spare that kind of space.

    I am kicking myself because I didn't have the closet designer devote a space for my sunglasses and costume jewelry, so I'm on Pinterest right now trying to find a solution to that. Basically, I love the glass display case that Ikea has, but how to incorporate something like that into an existing system?

    1. Oh la la! I am loving the mix of warm weather items with maxi dresses! I love those things. If I could wear one everyday, I would! :-)

      The mini cabinet thingy from Target sounds great! Hmmmm, looking at this mess right now, I'm trying to see if I could make something like that happen. I am about to do another post as I try to organize this stuff. Keep the ideas coming!

      Obviously, I am not great with costume jewelry and I have this little sunglass holder thingy that is not really working because it will only hold a few pair. I will take a picture right now and post soon.
      Thanks for the ideas...I needed this help!!!

  2. You might have blogged about this already - what containers did you use for the nail polishes? I don't really have that many, but that's cute!

    Re: the costume jewelry, the Container Store has some really awesome dividers that I put into a storage chest I already had. Mine has little hooks for necklaces, but I have so many I'm reconsidering the way I store them.

    1. For the nail polishes, I ordered this clear acrylic holder from Amazon. Here is the link to the exact thing I have. It comes in a set of 3...I could use 4 but I didn't want to pay for the 2 extras. (Link:

      I will surely check out the Container Store as well. I am looking everywhere for some help! I am trying to go through everything now. Perhaps I need to get rid of some items (which is another big problem for me), and I will have some space to play with!
      Thank you for your help as well. I will look at some options tonight!