Friday, October 16, 2015

Getting Organized + Pictures

Happy Friday!  I came straight home today super excited to get this closet organized and switched over to Fall/Winter attire. 

Since I reached out for some organization help on my earlier post, first I should sort some things to see which solution would work best for me.  

Items that need a little more attention:
  • Costume jewelry
  • Hair products
  • Receipts 
  • Small packages/gift boxes
  • Gym bags
  • Camera equipment 
  • Shoes that does not fit in the over-the-door shoe hanger (boots, etc.)
  • Various sample packets (you know the free stuff you get from retailers)
Items that are actually in good standing:
  • Nail polishes
  • Fashion scarfs
  • Winter scarfs
  • Winter hats/gloves
  • Hair equipment (flat irons, blow dryer, hot rollers, etc.)
  • Swim attire
  • Clutch purses
I used bins from the Container Store that I found on clearance for everything except the nail polishes.  Those are on the wall using an acrylic nail polish holder from Amazon.  

I got some ideas from my lovely blogger friends for the items needing attention, and I really want to try some out.  Question for you: how long do you keep items that you have never worn?  I swear I tell myself "I will wear it next season" and that never happens.  I think I may have a small issue with letting go of things.  

This is what I am dealing with now.  I hope to have things sorted with 90% done by morning, so I can run to Target or the Container Store in search for a better solution!  Let the coffee making begin...something is telling me this is going to be a long night!  

Above: Ziploc Space Saver Bags

Above: Costume necklaces

Above: Belts

Above: Bangles/bracelets 

Above: Samples from retailers 

Above: Sunglass holder

Above: One of the few items with a home!

I will post the final closet once I have sorted through everything and found a home for the lost items!  



  1. I feel you! I keep way too many little nonsense items. It's weird because I'm real good about some things, but not good at all about way too many things. Just yesterday I bagged up all my hotel/airline/sample type stuff to take and donate somewhere people don't have to pay for them. The other day a client got a set of Estee Lauder makeup brushes and bag (gift with purchase type thing) someone had donated and she was excited. It got my motor running to purge that stuff from my house and get it to someone who would appreciate it!

    Love your nail polish display! I only keep two or three at a time and I throw them out when they start to get gloopy so I don't have a big collection of those. If only I had the same discipline with all my other stuff!

    I need to purge about 2/3 of my stuff again. How does STUFF amass so quickly! It's stealth, that stuff!

    1. That's such a great feeling to give someone something they could use and appreciates! 2 thumbs up!!!

      Thank you! Yes, I have had to pitch some over the months because I don't use them and they go bad. Good luck with your purge!

  2. Great job Eboni B on the organizing the closet. I am in the process of doing a lot of decluttering since we downsized to build another home. The amount of things we have is overwhelming. I love the nail holder. I have a cute wire basket that currently holds my polishes and easy to store. I like your look because it reminds me of going into a salon, so spa-like. :-)
    Please join my new blog site at

    We sold our RH home and decided to build another home. It is nice to see some of the bloggers that were around when I was blogging on our Rome at I am glad to be back and sharing my journey and following others again

    1. Thank you so much! So happy to have you back!!!
      I will certainly add your new blog to my roll and follow along. I can't wait to see what you guys do this time!

  3. I visited friend's place recently and she had this cute setup with all the sample body and hair products for guests to use and I thought it was super cute and smart. With the surplus gift bags, I always put the smaller ones inside the larger ones so that I can easily sort through them when I have need of one.

    Machelle Ledoux @ Total Garage Repair

    1. Hi Machelle!! Yes, there are so many ways to use the sample products. Your friend's idea is super! Another blogger suggested donating them to people in need which is great! This time of year couldn't be better for donating goods/services! Thank you for sharing and I will have an update soon on my mess of a closet! :-)

  4. Hi,

    My wife and I have been following your blog since May. We have appreciated your sharing. It has helped us as we just moved into our first NV Townhome two weeks ago.

    I'm starting to wind my way through the myriad of maintenance and upkeep manuals. Specifically I'm curious to know if you have any opinion or have taken any actions on a maintenance plan for your HVAC system?

    Thank you for any insight.


    1. Hello Lee! Congratulations on your new home! Thank you so much for following along and I am glad you found it useful for your journey! For us, we change out our filters every six months for the HVAC system. There is not a lot of maintenance for a new home, so keeping the filters changed is all that is needed at this point. I should mention that we also changed our filter a couple of months after moving in because the surrounding construction can clog your filter as well! We also replace the whole house humidifier filter every six months. This may be overkill as I have heard some neighbors change them once annually, when the cold weather hit. We find it easier to just keep everything on the same schedule.

      I hope this helps! If you have other questions and can't locate the answers in your HUGE binder, your project manager is a great resource for things like this.