Thursday, October 15, 2015

It's Almost Friday (again)!!!

Can you believe it's almost the weekend again?  I absolutely adore my weekends as these are the only days 'The Shop' (official name of or our garage) is open for business.  Most of my DIYs/projects are done in the the name thing just happened and stuck!    

My recent IKEA trip!
Last weekend, I completed my monthly tour of IKEA.  I seriously go there and walk around the whole store lookin' for items I don't need have never seen before!  My husband hates IKEA and has only graced me with his company about 3 times.  He says you have to put everything together and the directions are horrible.  I have to agree sometimes, but the price and cuteness of the items out-weigh the headaches of putting things together right?  If any of you want to head to IKEA with me, let me know.  I have fun alone but can have even more fun with a little company.  This time I actually went to return a nesting table I purchased as the plan was to hack it, but unfortunately, it did not work for the space.  It was a little too small, so the hunt is on for a better fit.  Instead of just returning the table and leaving, I went in and left 2 hours later.  #yikes  

As far as our home, we submitted our first two applications for exterior changes!  One application is for a fence in the backyard, and the other is for grass in the front.  Our community of townhomes were delivered with mulch in the front (instead of the much preferred grass).  Personally, I think this was just an easy and cost efficient option for the builder.  When it rains, the mulch just runs down the street which sucks because who wants mulch everywhere?  And who wants to keep replacing it??

It could take up to 45 days to get our applications approved, but I hope it comes quick because we are running out of time to seed or sod.

How are you all doing?  Any updates or planned projects before the holiday season or winter weather hit us?  I hope things are going well and I have some posts pending for you all.  I am making a real stride to update more frequently and let you know how things are going over here!  

I will be sure to post an update on the fence and grass situations.  The "Finishing Our Garage' series is about to start again.  After a lot of research and questions, we have our materials ordered  and currently waiting on their arrival.  We have installed sconces and extra recessed lighting in the master bedroom, received furniture and the area rug for the 'Woman Cave', had a storm door installed in the front, and currently building a barista bar for the dining room.    

Until next time...


  1. My husband hates Ikea for the same reason, but unless you're willing to pay a huge premium for assembled furniture, most of it will be a pain to assemble--but always worth it in the end.

    I am really starting to love Ikea and I envision a lot of Swedish meatballs consumed and money being thrown around there for the next few months. We have a sitting room that didn't exist in our last house, so we've been trying to get it furnished and completed before the winter comes, so we can have a place to read on our Kindles and enjoy the fireplace. I purchased two sitting chairs from Ikea, along with a footbed, some drapes, and a host of smaller items that just impulsively jumped into my cart at some point. *cries*

    1. LOL LOL LOL

      How fun to decorate a new space!!! I hope you share it when it's all done! Ikea will do that to you...make items jump in your cart! You have to be careful, sometimes they jump in the bottom or in a 2nd cart too!
      I'm excited that I have someone who shares my pain with the hubs not really feeling Ikea! They have no idea how much you can do with a little pain of putting the stuff together! HAHAHA

  2. Our mulch installed by the landscaper used to spread onto the sidewalk and driveway when it rained. We dug a trench in the dirt around the edges about 6 inches deep and filled it with mulch. Now the rain drains into the trench instead of pushing the mulch onto the sidewalk.

    1. Awesome tip! We now have grass so the mulch issue is gone. Our HOA wanted grass in the devil's strip (which is that really small area between the street and sidewalk). It's very small but I thought it would better for us to have grass in the entire front verses just the little strip.