Wednesday, September 24, 2014

A Small Framing Tour + Update

So...last week I provide a small update with no pics because of the lovely iOS update.  I finally have more pics to share and wanted to provide them along with an update!

Our schedule is still on target for settlement during the first week of December.  This week, we took the construction crew some Dunkin' Donuts to provide a little fixin' for the sweet tooth.  It was early morning, so I figured since I was going to get my coffee, why not pick up a few donuts!  They really appreciated them and it made me smile!  The reason for the visit was just to take a look around with our PMs and address any concerns.  The walk-around went great and things were moving right along.  Here are some pics so you can see the same thing we saw.'s starting to look like livable space!

Front View

Door in rec room/"man cave"
Stairs are in
Looking into the dining room 
Inside the great room

Future fire place in great room

Looking into the kitchen

Master's soaking tub (do you see that slash in the tub?) 

Master's shower
Another view of the dining room


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