Friday, September 26, 2014

Do I Hear Pre-Drywall?

Happy Friday!

Today, the hubby and I received notice from our PM that they have started our rough trade installations (HVAC, Plumbing and Electrical) and now it is time to schedule our pre-drywall inspection!  Can I get whoop whoop??  I don't know if I should start packing now or what!  Our PM is looking at either October 6th or 8th, depending on our availability.  I am still not sure because the hubby is traveling at the current moment, and I want to make sure his schedule works as well as our broker.  In addition, we will have our own inspection done.  The PM has asked that he be scheduled for October 10th or 13th.

Things are surely moving and we are excited.  My girlfriends and I are throwing a Fashionista Swap Party in October, so it will be the perfect opportunity to purge my closet and decor stash.  My hubby is totally going to wait until the last minute, but I have too much crap AND I don't want to be stressed about last minute pop-ups (that WILL happen)!  LOL  Were you super excited to pack or did you just wait it out like my hubby?

Our PM sent us one picture this morning and one thing is really bothering me...where the heck are the dormers?  I have asked about them and our PM says they will be put on.  My thought is "will the dormers just be placed on top of the home?"  I hope not!  For those that aren't sure what dormers are, they are the little windows on the top of the home (see illustration below of home with dormers then you can see what we are missing).  Perhaps they will come at a later time, but I will keep you posted on the "case of the missing dormers".  There is no purpose for the dormers, but I think they look nice aesthetically AND they were included on our elevation.

I hope you have a great weekend and I will continue to read all your updates!

Dormers on 1st, 3rd & 4th homes 

Our home with the open garage


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