Friday, September 19, 2014

Pic (less) Updates

Happy Friday!

I must apologize for the lack of (meaning none) pics in this post.  I updated my iOS last night and of course the update required a lot of space which meant I had to make some by removing my pics off my phone!  Ahhhhhhh Apple is killing me...LOL

I took a half day away from the office to meet with my PMs at the construction site yesterday.  Our row is looking good and yesterday, they were outside installing the following:

  • Party Wall
  • Ground Electricity
Our PM explained that they are now weather proof because the roof is on (minus the shingles) and now if it rained, our home would not be drenched.  I must say we have been blessed to not have a huge rain problem.  It has sprinkled twice since the building process started!  

I was also informed that our pre-drywall meeting should happen in the next 2-3 weeks.  Yikes!  In conversation, he mentioned that we will definitely be in by the end of November.  I had to remind him that we will not be in town...he quickly remembered and asked if the first week of December would work.  That would be great timing so my fingers are crossed that we do not experience many weather delays.  

The guys were working really hard and nails and woodwork was everywhere!  Our PM walked me up the stairs to the second level (I was pumped to actually see the stairs)!  It is actually starting to look like a home.  Our floor plan is the same as the model home so I could totally see it coming together.  I have only visited the model a few hundred times!  hahahaha

Since my hubby could not join me yesterday, we plan to go out over the weekend.  I will get some pics and post for you all.  I will also be out there on Monday morning just to observe and walk around with our PM.  Since I'm not working on Monday, I figured I have to take full advantage!  

Raised Eyebrows
I noticed in the soon-to-be rec room/man cave, there was a hole in wood the size of my fist.  Of course I wanted to know what happened and what do you plan to do about it.  The PM said it happens sometimes in the construction process and it would be fixed.  I trust they will fix it, but I really wanted him to know "I see yall"!  LOL  

Until next time, happy building, decorating and shopping!  



  1. Exciting progress Eboni! We also had a hole to the exterior wall when they were cutting the vent in the kitchen but they fixed it quickly. Glad that you'll be able to close when you'll be back in town, that's great. Can't wait to see updated pics!

  2. Thank you! What is it with holes! LOL! I will surely post some pics soon!