Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Framing Party and Pics

Happy Tuesday!

In an effort to stay on top of my updates, here is the latest and greatest.

First, let me just say that both of our PMs have been really nice.  They are going to send weekly updates and pics, so that would be a great way to update you all as well.  On my previous post, the foundation was done and lumber was on its way.  It has been a week and according to our PM, all floors will be framed with the exception of the roof.  You all were right in saying things move really fast once the framing start.  Whew!

The pics can be hard to tell exactly what is what!  Our community offers the choice of either the larger townhome or the smaller one.  We are nestled between two smaller ones.  Once more of the row is built, I will get some better pics of the layout for you.

Here are a few pics of where things stood as of Monday (9/8/14) morning.  I plan to go back out this weekend to see the progress and take more pics.  

Lumber arrived last Wednesday (09/03/14)
The crew hard at work on our unit
The crew working (view from across the street)
Looking into the garage
Another front view


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