Thursday, September 11, 2014

Anniversary + Second Floor

Hi there!

We drove out to the community Tuesday (09/09/14) evening to take a look around.  It was getting dark so I was only able to capture a few pics.  Wednesday, we celebrated our first year of marriage and that is all I could think I failed to post!  :-)  Boy how time flies, but it has been one amazing year!    

OK...back to the house!  The second floor was almost complete.  The hubs looked around the perimeter and noted some things that he thought would be a concern.  For instance, he saw some nails that looked partially placed and wondered why they were not completely nailed.  He spent some time comparing other homes on our row with our home.  I will be the first to say that I am not a builder, construction gal or an inspector.  I figured that they were still working and we will have our own inspector out soon to double check.  I am leaning on my 'team' to help ensure they are doing things correctly.  However, I am very thankful that the hubby is looking into these items and showing concern.

I also managed to snap a pic or two of the row directly across the street from us.  I wish there were more lights outside, but it looks so nice to see some light over there!  There is an elementary school at our entrance and they were having a school function.  I think it is very important to visit your future community at all times of the day/week.  It is a nice area, but it was relaxing to see that even with the overflow of eager parents, they did not evade the space for the community residents.

Here are a few pics and I look forward to heading out again this weekend!

2nd floor in the works!

The row across the street will be ready soon

Happy 1st anniversary to my love bug (replica top tier of wedding cake)

One year ago being introduced as Mr. & Mrs. (Photo Credit: Vils Photography)



  1. Happy Anniversary! Love your wedding dress! Before long, your house will be looking like the ones across from you, so exciting!!!

    1. Thank you so much! I can't wait...then I can start posting about decor and DIY'ing! LOL