Friday, June 6, 2014

A little piece of the beginning...

Hi there!

I will not bore you with all the minor details like how we decided on this particular home, but basically it was a nice size, location was a commutable distance, standards were nice and the space inside was used to our liking.  You ever go into a home and on paper there is a lot of space, but once inside there is one too many hallways you can't do anything with?  This happened in our search and I just couldn't wrap my mind on why the builder decided to do that.  Well apparently it works for some and not so much for others...

Lets talk about the sales pitch!
Our SR was really nice (aren't they all at the beginning?).  She did not waste a lot of our time but she listened to what we wanted and did a great job working out some shaded areas of the fine print.  The SR met with us at various times after normal business hours to accommodate our working schedules!  We finally said yes and began to pick out our selections to get a better feel of the 'real' price.  It really wasn't that bad because their standards were already really nice which prevented us from adding a bunch of stuff at a 'builder' price.  

I should mention that we also had a real estate broker.  One thing I will forever live by is whether you are buying or building, get yourself a representative.  Heck, the seller has one!  Our broker has been our saving grace.  I am not an expert so I would imagine he or she would know what's really going on and what all the attorney lingo is about.  Trust will not be sorry.  Oh and by the way...they cost you nothing!!!  An expert for free?  Sign me up!  

Our broker and SR are in constant communication and so far everything is going alright.  He has been at every meeting with us, breaking down all the paragraphs and ensuring a true understanding.  What an awesome choice!!!

Obtaining a broker was a process within itself because we had to interview people and pick the right person for us.  We ended up going with a referral but the process was definitely worth it.  I thought it was pretty fun to listen to people talk about what they can do for us!  :-)

I will post some pics of the model and floor plan soon! 


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