Saturday, June 7, 2014

New Visit & Model Pics...

Hi there!

Now that we know what our new [town]home will look like, we took a visit to the community to ask a few questions on standards before our flooring and wiring meetings in the upcoming weeks.  In this model you have the option of things like a Roman shower or soaking tub with regular shower.  There are other options that we need to decide because either they can't be easily done afterwards or the cost is about the same (5-burner stove, back splash, lights, etc.).  We were able to get all questions answered and we are ready to go pick out some 'stuff'!  LOL

Our next decision will be whether we want a deck now or pay for it to be done later.  We will get some quotes in the next week or so and decide.

There are two models available to is more contemporary and the other more traditional.  Based on our current selections, it seems like we are mixing the two.  We have selected the 10ft bump out which opens up the space even more.  Some of the other options we have already selected are noted below in the pictures.  Overall, very nice use of space and I can't wait to get in and start decorating!

What I learned today:

  • This month, they are offering $10K on options
  • The garage doors are now updated with a glass decoration at the top (sorry I am not sure of the technical term)
  • Our of seven homes in our row, 2 are sold and 1 more soon to be sold (NV will not build until 95% of the row is sold)...we knew about their rule before today but I wanted to see if anymore had been sold
  • The neighbors have been really nice and helpful!!!  
  • I did not see any individual mailboxes...only the community mailboxes

I have pictures of the model if you have never seen an Andrew Carnegie.  I will also update with our options once we have them in black ink.
If you have any questions about the initial phase, just let me know.  I have been learning a lot since this is our first build so I could go on for days...but I will spare you!


They no longer offer the fireplace as pictured here in the rec room.  Instead, it is located in the great room as a floating fireplace

Great room 

Kitchen in the traditional model

I will take on adding cabinets to the laundry room as a DIY later

Huge owner's suite

Bedroom #2 (nice size)

Bedroom #3 (same size as bedroom #2...nice)

Instead of the Roman shower, you can have the soaking tub with regular shower (one of our selections)

Option: frameless shower (one of our selections)


5 burner (not standard)

New fireplace option  in the great room of contemporary model (one of our selections)


  1. LOVE the fireplace option! That is so beautiful. The Carnegie looks amazing.. beautiful choice!

  2. Thanks Michelle! Your home is awesome as well! I can't wait to see more of your options and decor.

  3. Hi Eboni just discovering your blog! I have been inside this model with the floating fireplace. The entire model is stunning. Congratulations on your new home to be!

    1. Thank you so much! We are pretty excited! I remember your blog from that gorgeous bed you have! You have one awesome custom closet system too! The garage, your hubby's and yours are all Ahhhh-mazing!