Sunday, June 15, 2014

Flooring selections up next (with pics)...

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Yesterday we had the lovely opportunity to select our flooring, cabinets and counter tops.  Boy...we were in for a huge surprise when we saw that there was only ONE standard cabinet selection.  Of course, they offered more but we were shocked that there was only one standard option.  Needless to say, the standard option was not one we decided to go with!  It was a light color and we wanted more darker colors.  Dannie was our design consultant and we had a great time while there for 3.5 hours!  We were able to decide on things a little easier once we got pass the cabinets.  The selection of granite (and quartz) were good.  Not many choices for quartz but there were a few.  Our focus was to not pay for something we could do later.  However, some things that we KNOW we will not want to do later, we paid for.  Cabinets would fall in this category.  We do not think we want someone ripping cabinets out anytime soon so we paid for an upgraded option.  On the other hand, we want to have the kitchen level all wood.  We found a flooring company before our appointment and had the discussion on the budget and time (and likelihood to match the flooring) after build.  We were satisfied with the capability to do the great room and dining room after build.  So for the kitchen level we will have the kitchen done in hard wood but the great room, stairs leading up to bedroom level and dining room will be level one carpeting.  All upgraded carpet and padding in other levels.  We added a humidifier for the wood because it was a decent price and it would have a warranty.  

If I had any information to suggest for you as you go to your selection appointments, I would just say have some idea of what you like.  Dark wood, lighter woods, 4 inches vs 3.25 inches, granite or quartz, ceramic or tile, etc.  Do not feel like you have to rush...take your entire 3 hours and play around with some combinations.  We were rolling around on the floor (perhaps we were just tired of looking after hour one) trying to get the "right" flow.

We also declined the back splash option as we will do this after as well, but they do offer it if you decide to go that route.  The thing about allowing them to do the back splash is you will not have the "lip" thing.  Doing it afterwards will force you have a "lip".  I did read online of a person who had it installed after close and was able to not have the lip.  So I am not may be able to do it after close without the lip!

Here are a few pics of our experience and selections.
A few of the flooring options

We upgraded the master bath with mosaic tiles instead of the white pan

Our master bath selections

2nd bath selections (we left these standard as we will redesign this entire space for a more contemporary feel)

One shelf included in 2nd bath

Cabinet selections.  The first one on the left was the ONE standard option

Standard granite options

Upgraded granite options and quartz options

Happy Selecting!

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