Monday, June 16, 2014

Rant Session I

Hi there!

To sign or not to sign...

Am I really ranting already and we just started the process?  Yes!  Here is what happened...
We have met with our SR almost every weekend for the last 1.5 months (partly because I like going out to the model taking measurements and visioning my decor, etc.).  Through all the talks, pictures and diagrams, we were notified that our garage doors will NOT resemble all the talks, pictures and diagrams.  We will have plain white garage doors with no flair!  You may be thinking "well it's just the garage door", and you would be correct.  My problem is it appears like they use the "site matrix" when they want to.  Let me explain.  You see in the document that we were to sign, it told us that we were not going to have dormers.  So at this point, according to the signed documents there would be no pretty garage and no dormers.  

Our SR said it should have the dormers because it's on the site matrix so she had to complete an addendum.  It was also on the site matrix to have a carriage please help me understand why we aren't following the same rules?  Why don't we complete an addendum for the garage?  My question was why is it that the site matrix only comes into play for certain options?

How about you?  What surprises did you experience?  What am I missing?  Perhaps this is just the beginning of many more surprises!

OK...I'm all better now!  Just had to get that out!  Whew...



  1. I have never heard of this site matrix! I hate when they try to pull a fast one like that... sounds fishy!

    1. Fishy indeed! I am waiting to see how this will turn out...I am sure they have more 'tricks' they will try to pull. We haven't even started building yet and they are already showing out! LOL