Saturday, June 28, 2014

...And the number is...

Happy Saturday!

As I mentioned in a previous post, it was time to make a little visit out to our SR to get the real scoop on the number of homes sold in our row.  Good is typically better than bad so let's start there!

Zoom Zoom
The Good
The row that they are currently working on went from just the garage to a full frame in just a few weeks.  Geez those guys move remember when it use to take months and months to build a home?

The Bad
Drum roll please...There are only 3 units sold in our row.  They will need to sell 6 of the 7 before they start building.  The build time is 4 months and our row is scheduled to be move in ready in November.  This would mean that construction of our row would need to start by August 1, 2014.  So homes would need to be sold by end of July 2014.  Ummmmm...not sure they will be on schedule at this point, but I will keep my fingers crossed.  What I saw was 6 lots without the "SOLD" sign posted...
Where in the world is "SOLD"?

I've read a few blogs that said to avoid moving in the winter if possible...and what do you know...looks like we will be winter movers after all!

& The Not So Ugly
You know...things could always be worse.  I am sure there are other builders out there with more difficult things going on than just my behind schedule issue right?  I need to suck it up and roll with the punches!  My biggest gripe with this is we were told 3 units were sold the last time we were out.  Today, the SR told us she just sold one today (making it 3).  **Sigh**

If you have any comments, suggestions, etc for moving in the winter, please share!  I'm sure our yard will suck right?  LOL



  1. It will go fast once they actually start. If you're impatient like I am, it will drive you nuts until they start putting your walls up.

  2. Whew! This is nice to hear! BTW, your progress is amazing and I will be following along to see all the greatness. Congrats!